Dr Martin Koller

Academic studies:

1994-2001: Study Technical Chemistry; branch of study: "Biochemistry; Biotechnology and Food Chemistry" at Graz University of Technology; degree "Diplom Ingenieur" in 2001 "with distinction"
2001-2005: PhD student; degree "Dr. techn." in 2005; Rigorosum "with distinction" Experience:
Dr. Koller is highly experienced in several aspects of PHA biopolymer production, encompassing the process development in continuous and discontinuous mode and novel downstream processing methods. His focus of research is the cost-efficient production of PHA from various surplus materials, always aiming at elaborating strategies to implement data from academic research on industrial scale.
Since 2010, he is active in the field of microalgal research, leading the biotechnological part of the project "PHOTOCHEM'.
Since 2009, he teaches Biochemistry and Microbiology at FH JOANNEUM - University of Applied Sciences, in Graz.


2000-2001: Industrial project "Biodiesel als umweltfreundlicher Lösungsmittelersatz bei der Produktion von biologisch abbaubaren Kunststoffen" financed by BDI (Biodiesel International)
2001-2004: EU FP5 project WHEYPOL (GRD2-2000-30385)
2003-2004: „Zukunftsfähige Technologien auf Basis von Tiermehl"; financed by the
Styrian government
2003-2005: EU FP5 project BIODIEPRO (NNE5/2001/832)
2006-2008: Industrial project "Evaluation of strains and process for the production of
PHA" financed by BASF
2008-ongoing: Subproject leader of the MacroFun subproject "P3 Microbial Materials) 2009-ongoing: Laura Bassi project BRIC (production of bio-resorbable implants), responsible for biotechnological part; financed by the Austrian science fund FFG 2010-ongoing: Coordinator of the EU-FP7 project ANIMPOL (Grant nr.245084) 2010-ongoing: PHOTOCHEM (microalgae project, financed by the Styrian government)

Martin Koller
Senior Researcher,

Project Leader Graz University of Technology,

Institute of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
Petersgasse 12,

8010 Graz, Austria

Telephone: 0043-316-873-8409

Cell: 0043-699-10840260

Fax: 0043-316-873-8434