Prof Manfred Leisch

Manfred Leisch, born 1946, studied Technical Physics at Graz University of Technology where he graduated 1972. He got a doctoral position at the Institute for Applied Physics at Graz University of Technology and received his PhD 1976. His first research work was focussed on tip based microscopy’s, on field ion microscopy and analytical field ion microscopy with time of flight mass spectrometry. He received his venia docendi 1986. His teaching activities cover experimental metal physics, surface characterization of materials, vacuum technology and cryotechnology. 1996 he was appointed as professor at the Institute of Solid State Physics in Graz. His experimental work by means of tip based microscopy’s was expanded by scanning tunnelling microscopy. Topics of investigations were atomic level characterization of metals and alloys with respect to segregation, precipitation and surface reactions.
As a member of several scientific societies he served as president of the Austrian Vacuum Society (2001-2005) and he is presently chair of the Vacuum Science and Technology Division of IUVSTA.