Dr Per Hansson

Per Hansson is Product Manager for the Toolox®, engineering and tool steel grades, and Armox® , protection steel, in the plate manufacturing program at SSAB. His qualifications include a M.Sc. in metallurgical engineering as well as a Ph.D. in welding engineering from the KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm Sweden.
He has worked for SSAB since 1988 in key positions for the development of abrasion resistant steels, protection, engineering and tool steel technological advances.
One of Per Hansson’s main areas of expertise is in the physical metallurgy of steel, especially mechanical properties related to steel microstructure, alloying systems and the influences from the different steps within the manufacturing process chain.


Dr. Per Hansson
SE-613 80 Oxelösund
Tel. +46 155 254632, direct
Tel. +46 70 2086 381, mobile